Overhaul Project from October 2014 to January 2015

1997 Camaro RS 3.8 series II complete engine overhaul bored .030" over and ground to .010" under on mains and rods Hastings rings, sealed power pistons and bushings, engine tech main and rod bearings, melling oil pump and cam bearings FELPRO gasket set new fan assembly, tie rods in and out, and k-member
More March 31

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    Pulled out
  • 6dae7f6dd5f5622362417beaecd3e9a8
    Reconditioned block main bearing clearances and end play checked crank installed
  • 4efc3251e762e84799cb9afcc8c3e1ea
    Rod clearances checked pistons installed
  • Ef3abf559b4d504cc91bbbf12e88781a
    Lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, heads, and lower intake manifold installed
  • 5ecf7ad5448eaaa0ce571a2e55c5e67d
    Timing cover installed
  • 1ee3591371105a37f5bf65b3a76acdf3
    Assembly complete
  • 2c51d5a19afb97d31ad6300679ecfdd6
    Back home
  • 30136299e76b24cda96896e39fa9b4e7
    Bare block
  • D4f7921deddfa2bbd489a98f1b792e5b
  • Bcb272b858116e8546345d505bf12d0a
    Chevrolet red orange
  • 1b4afe19b25c857424f4f7ee26927e84
    Camshaft, balance shaft and timing kit installed
  • C834813b1f8712842f848f992d9be05c
    Harness installed and dropped in
  • 0055b612398bb7b944536b9bb289d9c1
    Snug fit